"You're doing an excellent job with Scooby and Wallie. It is wonderful to be able to spend a weekend away from the ‘babies’ and to not worry about them. I am the ‘worrying' type and it is the first time that I feel so comfortable leaving them with anyone."
Thank you so much!"

-Celine W., San Jose, CA

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of the ‘boys’. Knowing that the cats were in good hands made out trip more enjoyable."

-Jennifer S., San Jose, CA

"Sydney was much happier on my return than when she is in a kennel! I would use your service again! Thanks for everything!"

-Beth W., San Jose, CA

"You did such a great job when I was in New York. My husband and I are so happy that we found you! Thank you very much for taking care of our cats!"

-John and Jane I., San Jose, CA

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